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Re: [Xen-devel] Any plan to support disk driver domain?

Thanks so much,Roger. You clarified all my confusions. I think mounting the disk in dom0 first could serve as an acceptable workaround for HVM.

So anxious to see the new release.

> > While I can imagine why pygrub does not work, I don't understand the
> > reason HVM is affected here. Could you explain a little bit?
> > And what about a HVM with PV driver? (e.g. those windows guests)
> If you use HVM, Qemu needs to access the block/file used as disk, so if
> the disk is on another domain Qemu has no way to access it (unless you
> plug the disk to the Dom0 and then pass the created block device
> /dev/xvd* to Qemu).

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