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[Xen-devel] linux acpi v5 on xen


In the commit below, you implemented the linux support for ACPI v5 in
the traditional Xen kernel:

I have extracted the relevant bits that implement the extended acpi
call, and applied them to a mainline pvops kernel, and had good
success with a machine that was previously failing.

Konrad said that you may have submitted this upstream already, and
perhaps remembered that Rafael wanted some changes here (possibly bool
to u8 substitutions?)
I was unable to wrangle google into finding the relevant thread on LKML.
Do you happen to recall this conversation? Do you have a link
somewhere that I could read?

I would like to pursue working to get this functionality upstream, if
possible - but want to have all of the background covered, before
doing so.

The work-in-progress patch can be seen here:
Clearly, the commit comment needs some work.

Thanks for any information you can provide.


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