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[Xen-devel] [PATCHv6 0/5] xen: maintain an accurate persistent clock in more cases

Xen guests use the Xen wallclock as their persistent clock.  This is a
software only clock in the hypervisor that is used by guests instead
of a real hardware RTC.

The kernel has limited support for updating the persistent clock or
RTC when NTP is synced.  This has the following limitations:

* The persistent clock is not updated on step changes.  This leaves a
  window where it will be incorrect (while NTP resyncs).

* Xen guests use the Xen wallclock as their persistent clock.  dom0
  maintains this clock so it is persistent for domUs but not dom0

These limitations mean that guests started before NTP is synchronized
will start with an incorrect wallclock time and the hardware RTC will
not be updated (as on bare metal).

These series fixes the above limitations and depends on "x86: increase
precision of x86_platform.get/set_wallclock()" which was previously

Changes in v6:

Fix hrtimers_resume() to handle resuming with two or more online CPUs
instead of adding a hrtimers_late_resume().  Add a flag to the
pvclock_gtod notififcations for the clock being set and go back to
using this to sync the Xen wallclock.

Changes in v5:

Dropped the change to disable non-boot CPUs during suspend on Xen as
migration downtime was too poor.  Instead, provide
hrtimers_late_resume() for use by Xen's resume code to replace the
call of clock_was_set().  Fix two unused variable warnings.

Changes in v4:

Add a new clock_was_set notifier chain. Use this instead of direct
calls to clock_was_set() from the timekeeping code.  Use this notifier
and a new timer to synchronize the Xen wallclock.

Changes in v3:

Don't peek at the timekeeper internals (use __current_kernel_time()
instead).  Use the native set_wallclock hook in dom0.

Changes in v2:

Reworked to use the pvclock_gtod notifier to sync the wallclock (this
looked similar to what a KVM host does).  update_persistent_clock()
will now only update the CMOS RTC.


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