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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] introduce a cache options for PV disks

Stefano Stabellini writes ("[PATCH v2] introduce a cache options for PV disks"):
> +cache=<cache>
> +-------------

Following a discussion with Stefano, we're going to rework this
somewhat.  The problem with this "cache=..." option is that it gives
the impression that it should do a lot more than it actually does.
For example, people might try to set cache=none because they know or
suspect their guest is being loose with its barriers, or something.
Or they might want to try to stop their host buffer cache being
swamped by an unfriendly guest's IDE IO.

To avoid these problems we intend to rename this option and change the
documentation accordingly.  Probably, to "direct-io-safe" (both in
Xenstore and the libxl API).  The documentation will say that this
option just disables any workaround where we avoid using direct IO
because of bugs.


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