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Re: [Xen-devel] Is fallback vhost_net to qemu for live migrate availableï

On 2013/9/2 15:57, Wei Liu wrote:
On Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 12:45:11PM +0800, Qin Chuanyu wrote:
On 2013/8/30 0:08, Anthony Liguori wrote:
Hi Qin,

By change the memory copy and notify mechanism ïcurrently virtio-net with
vhost_net could run on Xen with good performanceã

I think the key in doing this would be to implement a property
ioeventfd and irqfd interface in the driver domain kernel.  Just
hacking vhost_net with Xen specific knowledge would be pretty nasty

Yes, I add a kernel module which persist virtio-net pio_addr and
msix address as what kvm module did. Guest wake up vhost thread by
adding a hook func in evtchn_interrupt.

Did you modify the front end driver to do grant table mapping or is
this all being done by mapping the domain's memory?

There is nothing changed in front end driver. Currently I use
alloc_vm_area to get address spaceï and map the domain's memory as
what what qemu did.

You mean you're using xc_map_foreign_range and friends in the backend to
map guest memory? That's not very desirable as it violates Xen's
security model. It would not be too hard to pass grant references
instead of guest physical memory address IMHO.

In fact, I did what virtio-net have done in Qemu. I think security
is a pseudo question because Dom0 is under control.

Host could access memory of guest in KVM much easier than Xen,
but I hadn't heard someone said KVM is un-secret.

Qin chuanyu

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