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Re: [Xen-devel] Question about PLATFORM_QUIRK_DOM0_MAPPING_11

On Tue, 2013-09-03 at 20:41 +0800, Chen Baozi wrote:
> When porting Xen on OMAP5, we need to add .quirks handler which
> returns the PLATFORM_QUIRK_DOM0_MAPPING_11. I have read the related
> set_memory_reg() in domain_build.c. And My question is in which case
> we don't need to return PLATFORM_QUIRK_DOM0_MAPPING_11 in .quirks and
> how Xen handles that case to populate right P2M to dom0?

DOM0_MAPPING_11 is a workaround for lack of an iommu, either in hardware
(e.g. ARM SMMU) or in software (e.g. Stefano's swiotlb patches). In the
short term it seems like Stefano's patches are going to be ready before
we have an SMMU driver in the hypervisor.

In any case DOM0_MAPPING_11 will hopefully go away before too long.


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