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[Xen-devel] More RTC issues with Win2k3


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is further fallout from
the RTC changes in Xen 4.3 and Win2k3 guests.

Since updating to Xen 4.3 in XenServer trunk, we have been seeing these
issues a handful of times on each nightly test.  We are currently
running stable-4.3 with no relevant patches in this area.

The issue exists solely with Win2k3 Enterprise Edition SP2 64bit, and
occurs sporadically in a simple reboot loop of the VM.

The VM sits at 100% CPU performing:

d98v0 vmexit exit_reason IO_INSTRUCTION eip fffff80000814176
d98v0 io write port 70 val c
d98v0 vmentry cycles 1944
d98v0 vmexit exit_reason IO_INSTRUCTION eip fffff80000814177
d98v0 io read port 71 val c0
d98v0 vmentry cycles 3120

I am attempting to narrow down which conditions cause it to fall into
this loop, but am really picking blindly at factors.  One possibility is
the domain time offset being set to -24 seconds, but I cant immediately
see why that would have an effect.

I have attached xen-hvmctx from the affected domain, and do have one
example of a VM in this loop so can poke for other state, if there are
any sensible suggestions


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