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Re: [Xen-devel] cpuidle and un-eoid interrupts at the local apic

On 04/09/13 19:32, Thimo E. wrote:
> Hello again,
> the last two weeks no crash with pinning dom0_vcpus_pin and
> restricting dom0 to 1 cpu. But yesterday it crashed again. So changed
> the command line again to:
> iommu=no-intremap noirqbalance com1=115200,8n1,0xe050,0
> console=com1,vga mem=1024G dom0_max_vcpus=4 dom0_mem=752M,max:752M
> watchdog_timeout=300 lowmem_emergency_pool=1M crashkernel=64M@32M
> cpuid_mask_xsave_eax=0
> And today server crashed again and produced a lot of debugging
> messages, see attached. The "..." in the logfiles mean that the
> message above the points was repeated very often.
> My summary so far:
> - With only 1 cpu atteched to dom0 the server was stable for 2 weeks,
> the crash there did not really show any irq problems, see
> crash20130903.txt
>    You can find Andrews ideas to this in
> http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?messageID=1760771#1760771
> - With more than 1 cpu and irqbalance the server produced the crashes
> I've already posted before
> - Without irqbalance crash with some other fancy output, see
> crash20130904.txt
> Next step is to change the network card.
> Zhang, any update from your side ? Or do the others have any idea ?
> Could "ioapic_ack=old" help somewhere ?
> Best regards
>   Thimo

Ok - the second attachment (crash20130903.txt) is the one I have triaged
before, and the crash is impossible given the expected code flow through
the function.

%r14 is calculated as a the per-cpu cpu_info, which cannot possibly be
-1 at the point of the fault.  The only explanation is that the
pagefault is a result of a spurious jump to this location.

From a quick glance at the other crash, vector 2e was the problematic
one (iirc).  The "Bad vmexit (reason 3)" at the top would suggest that
something on the system has sent an INIT to pcpu 2, which seems antisocial.

As we have identified that the hardware is delivering invalid
interrupts, I wouldn't necessarily read any more into this new crash;
something is very broken in the hardware.

I would be interested for any update from Intel regarding the ISR violation.


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