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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM support for e820_host (Was: Bug: Limitation of <=2GB RAM in domU persists with 4.3.0)

OK, I have done some preliminary testing. Details below.

On 09/04/2013 02:11 PM, Gordan Bobic wrote:
I have this at the point where it actually builds.
Otherwise completely untested (will do that later today).

Attached are:

1) libxl patch
Modified from the original patch to _not_ implicitly enable
e820_host when PCI devices are passed.

Builds, works with e820_host=0.

2) Mukesh's hypervisor e820 patch from here:
Modified slightly to attempt to address Jan's comment on the same
thread, and to adjust the diff line pointers to match against
4.3.0 release code.

Builds, works with e820_host=0.

3) A patch based on Konrad's earlier in this thread, with
a few additions and changes to make it all compile.

Causes the domU to fail to start. No obvious errors in any logs, but the qemu-dm log simply stops before the usual point. There is blank white screen on VNC console. It looks like domU crashes before it even starts loading the OS.

I have attached two qemu-dm logs:
qemu-dm-edi.log - without patch 3
qemu-dm-edi.log.2 - with patch 3

I also attached the output of xl dmesg in each case.

With the 3rd patch applied, everything seems to stop just as the hypervisor is about to log the E820 table for HVM1 (obvious if you diff them).

This may be related to what I did to get your patch to build, Konrad.
The map never gets output, so either rc=-ENOSYS, or it crashes during the hypercall.

With e820_host=0, the e820 map should be exactly the same as it would have been anyway, but something seems to go wrong during:

rc = hypercall_memory_op ( XENMEM_memory_map, &op);



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