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Re: [Xen-devel] Questions about hvm domU default devices with upstream qemu

Il 05/09/2013 16:04, Stefano Stabellini ha scritto:
On Thu, 5 Sep 2013, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
About qemu default empty and unusable floppy and cdrom I have already
reply at
start of year that qemu traditional does not have them.
The tests were with xl only if I remember good, now I checked also on old
production server with xend and qemu traditional. I confirm that hvm domUs
without empty floppy and cdrom also in that case.

cd-insert works (tested with xl and upstream qemu). cd-insert does not
only with qemu default empty cdrom because is undefined on xen side.
So HVM domUs do NOT have a cdrom drive by default with qemu-traditional.

Do they have an empty cdrom drive by default with qemu-xen?

Is the lack of a cdrom drive the reason why cd-insert doesn't work by
default (unless you specify an empty cdrom drive in the VM config file)?
xl cd-insert command works with cdrom devices already present on domU defined
on xl file configuration.
The cdrom can be empty or not, the only exception is the empty cdrom added
default by qemu that is not usable with cd-insert because not defined on xl
file configuration.
I see. That should be fixed, by either removing the empty cdrom drive or
making it work properly with xl cd-insert.
I don't have a strong opinion on this. Given that qemu-traditional
doesn't have a cdrom drive by default, it might make sense to do the
same on qemu-xen.

I think the best choice is to remove the qemu default empty cdrom, if possible without another workaround as for floppy but considering to change the method hvm domUs starts qemu. I think that is probably better to add on qemu start command only components already defined xen side in order to avoid creation of unusable components added by qemu itself or mismatches on both sides.

Another actual problem is that is difficult to know if the qemu binary that should be used on xl create has the features/components requested and if they are compiled. Actually on xl create we can have only qemu log file after domU create failing. Why not expose all features/components of a given qemu binary and let xl or other toolstack (not only xen) query them before start qemu itself?

Thanks for any reply.

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