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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH osstest 00/10] Add initial support for testing arm32 on arm servers (Calxeda Midway)

On Fri, 2013-09-06 at 17:13 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> 16:31 <Diziet> Does the d-i pkgsel/include thing work on x86 ?
> 16:32 <ijc> it'll eventually need teaching about different arm and uboot 
>             platforms. I think it'll do for now though
> 16:32 <Diziet> Or I guess, I mean, if u-boot-tools does not exist (which 
> maybe 
>                it doesn't on x86 squeeze)

I changed this to only add this package if the 'need-uboot-bootscr' flag
is set, which implies Wheezy or newer.

> 16:35 <Diziet> "PDU: support for xenuse controlled machines" has a mysterious 
>                ipmitool rune in it which surely doesn't belong.
> 16:35 <ijc> oh, oops, that's peculiar to this machine
> 16:35 <ijc> which seems to have a oneshot pxe thing in its firmware....
> 16:35 <Diziet> Right
> 16:35 <Diziet> I think if "xenuse --on" doesn't work that means xenuse needs 
> to 
>                do the weird rune.
> 16:36 <ijc> xenuse --on would work though, just the system will boot from hdd 
>             not pXE
> 16:36 <ijc> I have a feeling this is a firmware bug -- the docs suggest the 
> pxe 
>             thing should be permanent...

While I figure this out I made it conditional on a need-ipmi-pxe host

> 16:36 <Diziet> "TestSupport: Massage host props with space in them" can you 
>                turn them to _ ?  Because I think we currently distinguish 
>                "-"-aka-"StudlyCaps" from " "
> 16:37 <ijc> AH, I used - precisely so it would get further munged into 
>             StudlyCps for consistency -- you don't want that?
> 16:38 <Diziet> Some existing property names are of the form "some-words 
>                other-words"
> 16:38 <Diziet> - binds more tightly, in other words.
> 16:39 <ijc> ok

Done. I also capitalised the word so "some-words other-words" ultimately
becomes "SomeWords_OtherWords" not "SomeWords_otherWords".

> 16:39 <Diziet> "ts-xen-install: wheezy has libyajl2 not 1" <- Does this work 
> ?  
>                Because qw() doesn't do $-interpolation.
> 16:40 <ijc> It succeeds but yajl isn't installed, I guess because the shell 
> hid 
>             the $yajl...


> 16:43 <Diziet> "ts-xen-build: allow per-host CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK"   
> definitely 
>                wrong
> 16:52 <Diziet> I guess we can leave it in, but can you put a comment near the 
>                call to get_host_property warning about not setting it ?

Done. I have also left it deliberately unmentioned in README too.

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