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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4] libxl: usb2 and usb3 controller support for upstream qemu

Il 13/09/2013 13:59, Ian Campbell ha scritto:
On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 11:11 +0200, Fabio Fantoni wrote:

Stefano or Anthony -- your input as qemu-xen types would be appreciated
here on this patch.

+            case 2:
+                flexarray_vappend(dm_args, "-device","ich9-usb-ehci1,id=usb,"
+                    "bus=pci.0,addr=0x1d.0x7", NULL);
+                for (i = 1; i < 4; i++)
+                    flexarray_vappend(dm_args, "-device", libxl__sprintf(gc,
+                        "ich9-usb-uhci%d,masterbus=usb.0,firstport=%d,"
+                        "bus=pci.0%s,addr=0x1d.%#x", i, 2*(i-1), i == 1 ?
+                        ",multifunction=on" : "", i-1), NULL);
+                break;
Please format this in some sort of halfway readable style.

Using GCSPRINTF might help, as would putting newlines in more logical

Also you don't need _vappend, _append_pair would do.

Thanks for reply.
I'll do them on next version if I understand right the "halfway readable style".

diff --git a/tools/libxl/libxl_types.idl b/tools/libxl/libxl_types.idl
index d218a2d..100f36c 100644
--- a/tools/libxl/libxl_types.idl
+++ b/tools/libxl/libxl_types.idl
@@ -325,6 +325,7 @@ libxl_domain_build_info = Struct("domain_build_info",[
                                          ("serial",           string),
                                          ("boot",             string),
                                          ("usb",              libxl_defbool),
+                                       ("usbversion",       integer),
Some sort of whitepace damage?

On source code seem correct (usbversion with same whitespace of usb before the "(" and also aligned to view), I don't know what cause this problem. I try to remove the patch and reapply it from git format-patch file (with patch -p1 -i ...) and also in that case the source code seem correct.

                                          # usbdevice:
                                          # - "tablet" for absolute mouse,
                                          # - "mouse" for PS/2 protocol 
relative mouse
diff --git a/tools/libxl/xl_cmdimpl.c b/tools/libxl/xl_cmdimpl.c
index 8a478ba..a618ede 100644
--- a/tools/libxl/xl_cmdimpl.c
+++ b/tools/libxl/xl_cmdimpl.c
@@ -1495,6 +1495,8 @@ skip_vfb:
           xlu_cfg_replace_string (config, "serial", &b_info->u.hvm.serial, 0);
           xlu_cfg_replace_string (config, "boot", &b_info->u.hvm.boot, 0);
           xlu_cfg_get_defbool(config, "usb", &b_info->u.hvm.usb, 0);
+        if (!xlu_cfg_get_long (config, "usbversion", &l, 0))
+            b_info->u.hvm.usbversion = l;
and again.

           switch (xlu_cfg_get_list_as_string_list(config, "usbdevice",

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