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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v12 14/21] pvh: read_descriptor for PVH guests.

On 13/09/13 17:25, George Dunlap wrote:
This is in preparation for enabling emulated privops for PVH guests.

This one unfortunately has a bit more of an impedance mismatch:

* For PV, the selector is hard-coded in by passing #name in the
   #define.  For PVH, we have to do a switch statement.

* For PV, given the desrciptor, it can read the resulting base, limit,
   &c directly; for PVH, we have to read the values currently loaded in the 

This leads to a rather awkward construct where we *both* read the
descriptor, *and* specify a selector, and introduce an intermediate function,

Unfortunately, without introducing a rather pointless switch()
statement to the PV path similar to the one in the PVH path, there's
no way to make this less awkward.

If anyone has any clever ideas about this one, feel free to chime in...


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