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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v8] interrupts: allow guest to set/clear MSI-X mask bit

>>> On 16.09.13 at 13:23, "Xu, YongweiX" <yongweix.xu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Only when boot guest with e1000e nic and 2(2 or more)vcpus it would print 
> call trace log, but I think it's enough to explain that the network broken 
> caused by MSI-X, as the attachment:guest_with_e1000e.log.

Now you would also need to tell us what IRQ 50 relates to (i.e.
where in the group of presumably multiple MSI-X vectors that
device uses this sits). Plus, for an edge type interrupt to be
raised repeatedly and wrongly, the device doing the respective
bus master writes must be doing something odd (perhaps
because having been programmed wrongly). For understanding
what's going on here, providing 'i' and 'M' debug key output
might be pretty helpful.

And finally - 2.6.32 is pretty old. Do you also see the problem
with a more modern kernel (trying to exclude possible driver


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