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Re: [Xen-devel] [Qemu-devel] Qxl problem with xen domU, is xen spice and/or qemu bugs?


> Someone can help me to find the problem that makes qxl unusable please?

#1 git cherry-pick c58c7b959b93b864a27fd6b3646ee1465ab8832b

#2 When using f19 try without X11 first.  You should have a working
   framebuffer console on qxldrmfb before trying to get X11 going.

#3 qxl has a bunch of tracepoints.  Enable them, then compare xen
   results with kvm/tcg results to see where things start going wrong.

#4 qxl needs a permanent mapping of the two pci memory bars as the
   (host virtual) memory location of these bars is passed to the
   spice-server library.  That might need some special care on xen
   due to the mapcache.  Disclamer: It's been a few years I looked
   closer at this, so things in the xen world might have changed
   meanwhile ...


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