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Re: [Xen-devel] preparing for 4.3.1

On 27/09/13 11:07, Jan Beulich wrote:
> Aiming at a release later in October (before Xen Summit I would
> hope), I'd like to cut RC1 next week.
> Please indicate any bug fixes that so far may have been missed
> in the backports already done.
> Jan

In terms of bugs, it would be very nice for my migration stream
regression fix to get in, although I suspect that the answer will be
"its too close to the cutoff and still not in unstable yet".  FWIW,
given the lack of support for remus in libxl in 4.3, the backport is
substantially smaller than what needs to go into unstable.  I guess this
call goes to either of the Ian's

The first of my per_cpu() fixes (posted yesterday) really needs
backporting, although there has been curious silence to series so far. 
The second of the series would also be a very good idea.  (Given the
damage it is causing to XenServer trunk using Xen 4.3 and Linux 3.10 for
dom0, I am amazed we are the first people to find this, although it is
likely an interaction with our stats collecting daemon)

I know these are not strictly bugfixes but the 5 rombios fixes (top five
commits to tools/firmware/rombios/rombios.c) should be considered.  They
combine to a noticable reduction in time taken to boot HVM domains
(windows in particular which loads all of its core data with int $0x13),
as well as a substantial reduction in the spike qemu cpu usage in dom0. 
FWIW, Recent XenServers have shipped with these patches backported to
4.1, and it was only my lack of repeated prodding which prevented it
going into 4.3 in the first place.

There is nothing else obvious in the XenServer patch queue.


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