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Re: [Xen-devel] two questions about xen on arm

On Fri, 2013-11-01 at 01:54 -0600, Bamvor Jian Zhang wrote:
> fix destination. 
> sorry, i sent it to the wrong address. 
>  >>>Bamvor Jian Zhang wrote: 
> > hi, 
> >   
> > recently, i got xen running on allwinner A20 successful[1], and i 
> > have two questions: 
> >  
> > 1, how to get guest stack trace? 
> > i could get the guest stack trace with the following patch, is it 
> > make sense?

The only issue would be that it prints 8-byte words for a 32-on-64
guest. That as it is much better than nothing, we can live with it for

>  and i could only get the dom0 kernel trace, how could 
> > i get the domU kernel trace?  

This code should work equally well for any guest AFAICT, what issue are
you seeing?

> >   
> >  #ifdef CONFIG_ARM_64 
> >      case PSR_MODE_EL1t: 
> >  
> > 2, xen kernel config 
> > i am confuse about what does "CONFIG XEN" mean. it  will check the kernel  
> > features for dom0 and domU kernel(mix XEN_BANDEND and XXX_FRONTEND) 
> > should we define XEN_DOM0 and XEN_DOMU configs respectively?  

I'm not sure what you mean, but yes, if you want to run Xen you should
enable the relevant CONFIG options, including CONFIG_XEN and I think


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