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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 06/12] libxl: synchronize device removal when using driver domains

Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH v1 06/12] libxl: synchronize device removal 
when using driver domains"):
> Synchronize the clean up of the backend from the toolstack domain when
> the driver domain has actually finished closing the backend for the
> device.
> This is accomplished by waiting for the driver domain to  remove the
> directory containing the backend keys, then the toolstack domain will
> finish the cleanup by removing the empty folders on the backend path.

This is broadly speaking good.  I have one suggestion:

> +static void device_destroy_be_timeout_cb(libxl__egc *egc, libxl__ev_time *ev,
> +                                         const struct timeval *requested_abs)
> +{
> +    libxl__ev_time_deregister(gc, &aodev->timeout);
> +    libxl__ev_xswatch_deregister(gc, &aodev->xs_watch);
> +    device_hotplug_done(egc, aodev);

You might consider moving those two idemopotent cleanup calls into
device_hotplug_done, which is on all the outward paths from here.
That reduces the number of times you have to write them from two to


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