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Re: [Xen-devel] which branch should be used as dom0 on arndale

2013/10/31 Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxxxxx>
On 10/30/2013 02:57 PM, mail fetch wrote:
2013/10/30 mail fetch <fetchmail.0104@xxxxxxxxx

    Hi Julien,


    I found there are lots of branches under linux-arm.git. Xen wiki
    recommends to use branch arndale. But i found it lacks of the
    following configuration in dts file which is exist in branch
    arndale-dom0-3.10. Should i use arndale or arndale-dom0-3.10 as dom0?
    Can Xen boot up without those configuration?

U-boot will automatically create the nodes in the device tree with the following script:
All details are given by the wiki page.

Thanks. But i boot Xen from local SD card. Any BKM for boot from SD card?

    chosen {
                    bootargs = "dom0_mem=256M sync_console console=dtuart
    dtuart=serial2 earlyprintk=xen";
                    xen,dom0-bootargs = "console=hvc0,115200n8
    earlyprintk=xen debug ignore_loglevel psci=enable clk_ignore_unused
                    modules {
                            module@0 {
                                    compatible = "xen,linux-zimage",
                                    reg = <0x60000000 0x500000>;

    best regards

Any ideas?

You should avoid to ping after only a couple of hours... we can work in a different timezone or be away for conferences/holidays.
I think 1 week is the minimum delay between 2 pings.

Sorry, I am too excite to get my Arndale board and cannot wait to boot up it.

Julien Grall

I meet two problems when booting up Xen and Guest following the instructions from Xen wiki:

1. Console cannot work. I cannot see any boot message from Xen. But i can see the dom0's boot log.And cannot login dom0 through console.
2. Xen hang after booting guest.

Here is my configuration i added to dts:

        chosen {
                bootargs = "dom0_mem=256M sync_console console=dtuart dtuart=serial0";
                xen,dom0-bootargs = "console=hvc0,115200n8 debug root=/dev/mmcblk1p3 ignore_loglevel rw rootwait earlyprintk=xen";
                modules {
                        module@0 {
                                compatible = "xen,linux-zimage", "xen,multiboot-module";
                                reg = <0x60000000 0x400000>;

And i build Xen with DTB attached:

make dist-xen XEN_TARGET_ARCH=arm32 CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- CONFIG_DTB_FILE=/root/linux-dom0/arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dtb 

Here are the commands to boot up Xen from u-boot

setenv kernel_addr_r 0x60000000

setenv xen_addr_r 0x50000000

setenv bootcmd_load_linux_mmc 'ext2load mmc 0:1 $kernel_addr_r /zImage'

setenv boot_xen_mmc 'run bootcmd_load_linux_mmc; ext2load mmc 0:1 $xen_addr_r /xen-uImage; bootm $xen_addr_r -'

setenv bootcmd 'run boot_xen_mmc'


best regards
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