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[Xen-devel] Important Information: OPW Applications and Mentors

Hi all,

I heard from a few prospective mentors that you started to have discussions about applications for OPW and started to get applications. 

If you have talked to prospective interns, please
a) Let me know (and the number of them)
c) Send an introductory mail to opw-list@xxxxxxxxx  with [Introduction Xen Project Mentor] Your Name and whatever you want to say

The MOST IMPORTANT part for applicants:

Applications MUST be sent to opw-list@xxxxxxxxx with a subject line of "[APPLICATION - Xen Project] Applicant Name" to qualify. Make sure your applicants understand that. They must be sent to the OPW list by the deadline of Nov 11th. If only sent to us, the application does not qualify. This is listed on the OPW page, to which we link. I have made this explicit on our page. 

Note that I have not yet seen applications for the Xen Project on the OPW list.

Best Regards
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