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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC v13 13/20] pvh: Set up more PV stuff in set_info_guest

On 26/09/13 16:43, Jan Beulich wrote:
@@ -736,8 +748,24 @@ int arch_set_info_guest(
if ( has_hvm_container_vcpu(v) )
-        hvm_set_info_guest(v);
-        goto out;
+        hvm_set_info_guest(v, compat ? 0 : c.nat->gs_base_kernel);
I had pointed this out to Mukesh already: If you want to imply kernel
mode here, the checks above should verify that the kernel mode flag
is set in flags.

It looks like for some reason TF_kernel_mode is set unconditionally for HVM guests (though the /*???*/ would seem to indicate that someone at some point didn't understand why):

    if ( (flags & VGCF_in_kernel) || has_hvm_container_vcpu(v)/*???*/ )
        v->arch.flags |= TF_kernel_mode;

 I'll add a comment pointing this out.


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