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[Xen-devel] [PATCHv9 00/16] Linux: FIFO-based event channel ABI

This is the complete Linux guest-side implementation of the FIFO-based
event channel ABI described in this design document:


The Xen implementation is now available in xen-unstable, except for
the updates for draft H.

This series is also available from:

  git://xenbits.xen.org/people/dvrabel/linux.git orochi-v9

Changes in v9:

- Updates for draft H: spin on BUSY when unmasking.

Changes in v8:

- Updates for draft G: use unmask hypercall for tail events.

Changes in v7:

- Add xen.fifo_events command line option (defaults to true).
- Use xen_evtchn_nr_channels() in xen_evtchn driver.
- Drop unnecessary test in evtchn_fifo_unmask()
- Refactor irq_info setup/cleanup a bit.

Changes in v6:

- nlevel -> 2l to match naming in Xen.

Changes in v5 (v4 not posted):

- Set priority of VIRQ_TIMER.
- Remove NR_EVENT_CHANNELS limit from xen-evtchn driver.
- Licence drivers/xen/events/fifo.c under a dual MIT/GPLv2.

Changes in v3:

- Support suspend/resume by reinitializing the control blocks on resume.
- Only init control block if one does not exist (should fix CPU

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