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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.4 development update: Feature freeze has started

Il 12/11/2013 12:09, Ian Campbell ha scritto:
On Mon, 2013-11-11 at 17:18 +0000, George Dunlap wrote:

* Xen on ARM
  # hardware
The testing aspect of this is mostly in place. They aren't actually
passing due to some missing support in Xen for the platform we actually
have. That's on going but this item could be marked complete I think.

=== Big ticket items ===
* ARM stuff: ??
* Live Migration Support
   owner: Jaeyong Yoo <jaeyong.yoo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
   status: v5 posted, looking good for code freeze

* ARM64 guest
   owner: IanC
   status: v3 posted, v4 in progress. looking good.

* SWIOTLB (kernel side thing)
   owner: Stefano
   status: Due this merge kernel window? May already be in?

* xend still in tree (x)
  - xl list -l on a dom0-only system
  - xl list -l doesn't contain tty console port
  - xl Alternate transport support for migration
Are some of these (this one in particular) also covered separately
elsewhere in the list?

* libxl: Spice usbredirection support for upstream qemu
  owner: fabio@M2R
  status: I'll post new patch version shortly

* libxl: usb2 and usb3 controller support for upstream qemu
  owner: fabio@M2R
  status: patch v5 posted, tested and working, awaiting reviews
I've totally lost track of both of these. Both need at least an Ack from
the qemu side IIRC.

I remade (based on George Dunlap advices and compatible with future usb 
hot-plug patches) and posted some times ago usbversion and usbredirection 

Unfortunatly no reply for one month :(

They are tested and working also with new usb passtghrough (from dom0) with 
hot-plug patches of George Dunlap.

About new usb passthrough with hotplug patches I did only a refresh and one fix 
but they are incomplete about some features, probably they will be ready only 
for xen 4.5.
Latest post about it:

usbversion and usbredirection seem already complete and fully working, probably 
they can be inserted into Xen 4.4 after revision of the maintainers.

Thanks for any reply.

* Network performance improvements
   owner: wei@citrix
Wei, Are these all done and in the kernel?

* Disk performance improvements
Likewise this from Roger?

* libxl config file
What is this one?


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