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[Xen-devel] XPDS13: GlusterFS Integration: Libgfapi and block device translator BoF Notes

Hi all,
please find attached the notes of this XenSummit Bof Session. I forgot to take a picture of the whiteboard diagram at the BoF (maybe one of the RedHat folks can attach a picture). Maybe a bit more detail on this thread, may enable somebody in the community to pick this up.

Purpose of session:
* Walk through GlusterFS / Libgfapi and block device integration to understand what would need to be done to integrate GlusterFS into Xen

Key points:
* Work is probably in the order of a week or two (it looks like it's a week of setting up the development and testing environment and one afternoon of actual development)

* The integration with Xen would be more about qdisk than libvirt
* It is not an intensive development effort but might need some co-ordination across teams to get the setup going and run integration tests.

How do we make this happen?
* No plans on any side, but Vijay is will add it to his backlog

* Hit both community lists to see if we can get someone interested (done of Xen, maybe more technical detail to enable this is needed)
* We could also add "support for more qemu-supported virtual filesystems" as an OPW or GSoC project -could include gluster, ceph, etc. (we missed this for this round)
* Include XenServer community (added)

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