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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RESEND v5 1/6] xen/arm: Implement hvm save and restore

13.11.2013 14:56, Ian Campbell wrote:
On Wed, 2013-11-13 at 12:00 +0400, Eugene Fedotov wrote:

+static int vgic_irq_rank_save(struct vgic_rank *ext,
+                               struct vgic_irq_rank *rank)
+    spin_lock(&rank->lock);
This is probably wise, but the domain must be paused at this point,
I think this lock can be removed, thanks.
I'd be happy for it to stay as a belt-and-braces/good practice thing.

+        return -EINVAL;
+    }
+    memcpy(ext->ipriority, rank->ipriority, sizeof(rank->ipriority));
+    /* ITARGETS */
+    if ( sizeof(rank->itargets) != sizeof (ext->itargets) )
+    {
+        dprintk(XENLOG_G_ERR, "hvm_hw_gic: check itargets dumping space\n");
+        return -EINVAL;
+    }
+    memcpy(ext->itargets, rank->itargets, sizeof(rank->itargets));
+    spin_unlock(&rank->lock);
+    return 0;
+static int gic_save(struct domain *d, hvm_domain_context_t *h)
+    struct hvm_hw_gic ctxt;
+    struct vcpu *v;
+    /* Save the state of GICs */
+    for_each_vcpu( d, v )
Where is the GICD state saved then?
The only GICD structure we save for guest domain is struct
vgic_irq_rank, it includes: IENABLE, IACTIVE, IPEND,  PENDSGI, ICFG,
IPRIORITY, ITARGETS registers. We create the same structure inside hvm :
vgic_rank (that is no guaranteed to be the same as struct vgic_irq_rank)
and save it calling vgic_irq_rank_save routine below in gic_save.
I can only see one call to vgic_irq_rank_save which is the one to save
PPI state within the vcpu loop. What about the (per-cpu) SGI and
(global) SPIs? I can't see where either of those are saved.
1) For the guest domain vgic.nr_lines was set to 0 (arch_domain
structure, see "domain_vgic_init" function in vgic.c):
d->arch.vgic.nr_lines = 0; /* We don't need SPIs for the guest */
Should we not rely on this, assuming that SPIs will be enabled for guest?
2) Could you point me where is SGI states are situated in arch_vcpu? I
thought they are inside those 32 IRQs (namely 0-15 IRQs) that we have
already saved, because vgic_irq_rank in arch_vcpu is the context for
those 32 IRQs.

Best regards,

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