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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 06/19] xen: arm: move dom0 gic and timer device tree nodes under /xen/

On 11/13/2013 06:11 PM, Ian Campbell wrote:
Julien observed that we were relying on the provided host DTB supplying
suitable #address-cells and #size-cells values to allow us to represent these
addresses, which may not reliably be the case. Moving these under our own
known (somewhat analogous to the use of /soc/ or /motherboard/ on some
platforms) allows us to control these sizes.

Since the xen node is created out of thin air it does not have a corresponding
struct dt_device_node and therefore we cannot use dt_n_addr_cells or
dt_n_size_cells, we can use hardcoded constants instead. For the same reason
we define and use set_xen_range instead of dt_set_range.

The hypervisor, cpus and psci node all either defined #foo-cells for their
children or do not contain reg properties and therefore can remain at the top

The logging in make_gic_node was inconsistent. Fix it.

Signed-off-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xxxxxxxxxx>
v5: New patch
  xen/arch/arm/domain_build.c |   76 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
  1 file changed, 61 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

diff --git a/xen/arch/arm/domain_build.c b/xen/arch/arm/domain_build.c
index 186746c..8645aa1 100644
--- a/xen/arch/arm/domain_build.c
+++ b/xen/arch/arm/domain_build.c
@@ -48,6 +48,24 @@ custom_param("dom0_mem", parse_dom0_mem);
  #define DOM0_FDT_EXTRA_SIZE (128 + sizeof(struct fdt_reserve_entry))

Don't we need to update DOM0_FDT_EXTRA_SIZE?


Julien Grall

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