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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 01/16] xl: match output of vcpu-list with pinning syntax

On 14/11/13 11:11, Dario Faggioli wrote:
On gio, 2013-11-14 at 10:50 +0000, George Dunlap wrote:
On 13/11/13 19:11, Dario Faggioli wrote:
in fact, pinning to all the pcpus happens by specifying "all"
(either on the command line or in the config file), while `xl
vcpu-list' report it as "any cpu".

Change this into something more consistent, by using "all"
While I can see a certain logic to having the specification and the
output match, there is a part of me that really prefers the "any" syntax
in the output.

I see.

This is just expressing a preference, not a nack; if others think it
would be better to be consistent, I won't argue the case.

I'm fine with both. As I tried (and probably failed) to say here:

  Changes since v1:
  * this patch was not there in v1. It is now as using the
    same syntax for both input and output was requested
    during review.

It was a request (from Ian Jackson) during review of v1:

Oh, right -- sorry, missed that comment (and the discussion w/ IanJ). In that case,

Acked-by: George Dunlap <george.dunlap@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


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