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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/2] x86/crash: Disable the watchdog NMIs on the crashing cpu.

On 15/11/13 20:32, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> PVOps Linux as a kexec image shoots itself in the foot otherwise.
> On a Core2 system, Linux declares a firmware bug and tries to invert some bits
> in the performance counter register.  It ends up setting the number of retired
> instructions to generate another NMI to fewer instructions than the NMI
> interrupt path itself, and ceases to make any useful progress.
> While this is not strictly Xen's fault, Xen can at least be kind and leave the
> kexec environment with fewer issues to deal with.

I don't appreciate my commit message being rewritten in this way.

My original commit message was:

  "kexec: disable the NMI watchdog during a crash

  nmi_shootdown_cpus() is called during a crash to park all the other
  CPUs.  This changes the NMI trap handlers which means there's no point
  in having the watchdog still running.

  This also disables the watchdog before executing any crash kexec image
  and prevents the image from receiving unexpected NMIs."


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