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[Xen-devel] Memory strategy in xen

Hi all,
I'm a newer to xen. But now I need to do research about live migration in xen. And now I'm confused with some questions:
1. Is shadowing page used in both paravirtualization and hvm mode? Since from source code xc_domain_save.c, I see the following code to get dirty memory bitmap,

frc = xc_shadow_control(
                    xch, dom, XEN_DOMCTL_SHADOW_OP_PEEK, HYPERCALL_BUFFER(to_skip),
                    dinfo->p2m_size, NULL, 0, NULL);

2. The strategy about memory allocation in xen, I know that dom0 will get all available memory at first, and xen will allocate memory via balloon strategy to domU.

And now I need to know how balloon works?

Can anyone give me some ideas about questions above.

Yunbin Wang
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