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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3 of 7 V4] tools/hotplug: Remus network buffering setup scripts

Shriram Rajagopalan writes ("[PATCH 3 of 7 V4] tools/hotplug: Remus network 
buffering setup scripts"):
> tools/hotplug: Remus network buffering setup scripts
> This patch introduces remus-netbuf-setup hotplug script responsible for
> setting up and tearing down the necessary infrastructure required for
> network output buffering in Remus.  This script is intended to be invoked
> by libxl for each guest interface, when starting or stopping Remus.
> Apart from returning success/failure indication via the usual hotplug
> entries in xenstore, this script also writes to xenstore, the name of
> the IFB device to be used to control the vif's network output.
> The script relies on libnl3 command line utilities to perform various
> setup/teardown functions. The script is confined to Linux platforms only
> since NetBSD does not seem to have libnl3.

Thanks for this.  I think this script should be introduced in the same
patch as the arrangements which call it.

Also both this, and the calling arrangements, should be CC'd to Roger
Pau Monne who has been doing some work on hotplug script arrangements,
so I have CC'd him on this message.


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