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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/3] arinc: Implement cpu-pool support

From: Nathan Studer <nate.studer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Cleanup trailing whitespace in the arinc653 scheduler and then update it
to support cpu pools.

These changes do not implement arinc653 multicore.  Since the schedule only
supports 1 vcpu entry per slot, even if the vcpus of a domain are run on
multiple pcpus, the scheduler will essentially serialize their execution.

The tool side changes maintain compatibility with the old scheduler set/get
functions, even though they are libxc functions, since these functions
were and are the only available interface to set/get the schedule.

Nathan Studer (3):
  arinc: whitespace and formatting fixes
  arinc: Add cpu-pool support to scheduler.
  arinc: Add poolid parameter to scheduler get/set functions.

 tools/libxc/xc_arinc653.c   |   10 ++-
 tools/libxc/xenctrl.h       |   12 ++-
 xen/common/sched_arinc653.c |  172 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------
 3 files changed, 121 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)


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