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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v6 00/16] xen: arm: 64-bit guest support and domU FDT autogeneration

Biggest change is to switch the new DTB node to /xen-core-devices
instead of /xen at Stefano's request.

I also dropped the few patches title HACK etc which weren't supposed to
be there and fixed up some bits and pieces which folks commented on.

George, WRT the freeze I think this is functionality which we cannot
ship Xen 4.4 without. The impact is entirely constrained to the ARM
stuff apart from stubbing out the x86 version of the new

Summary: A==Acked M==Minor mods. So only one missing ack to go...

A    xen: arm: Report aarch64 capability.
A    xen: arm: Add comment regard arm64 zImage v0 vs v1
  M  xen: arm: move dom0 gic and timer device tree nodes under 
A M  xen: arm: allocate dom0 memory separately from preparing the dtb
A    xen: arm: add enable-method to cpu nodes for arm64 guests.
A    xen: arm: include header for for arch_do_{sys,dom}ctl prototype
A    xen: arm: implement XEN_DOMCTL_set_address_size
A    xen: arm: implement arch_set_info_guest for 64-bit vcpus
A    tools: check for libfdt when building for ARM
A    xen: arm: define guest virtual platform in API headers
A    libxc: arm: rename various bits of zimage load with 32 suffix
A    libxc: allow caller to specify guest rambase rather than hardcoding
A M  libxc: arm: allow passing a device tree blob to the guest
A    libxc: support for arm64 Image format
A    libxc: arm64 vcpu initialisation
A M  libxl: build a device tree for ARM guests

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