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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen for real-time/embedded/automotive

Hi Martin, (adding Anil)

On 19/11/2013 01:27, Simon Martin wrote:
Hi Dario,
From my limited development here I would say the following:
1.- The embedded systems I work on have just a flat memory space, no MMU or anything like that, so the Mini-OS example is total overkill. I am writing a real minimalist PV guest based on that but it's amazing how time consuming it's being. I'll be returning this to the project when I'm happy with it, as long as you want it.
I am wondering whether there is some prior art that the Mirage OS (http://xenproject.org/developers/teams/mirage-os.html, https://github.com/mirage ) team has done, which you could build upon/re-use/look at. Obviously you wouldn't need any of the higher level OCaml language stuff. I will let Anil respond, whether there is anything that you could use.

Best Regards

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