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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen Developer Summit BoF Notes : Seeding a Xen + Android / Embedded ecosystem BoF

I added a few things where there was an open question. Also pointing back to the original mail at http://lists.xenproject.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2013-11/msg03004.html ...

On 21/11/2013 09:52, Dario Faggioli wrote:
== Pieces missing for Embedded (non-Android) ==
# Soft-Real-time support - note that this was in the original Xen ARM
port - see [[Xen_ARM_(PV)]]. But it didn't make it across to the Xen on
ARM support.

Was it? Didn't know that, and I don't see much about it in the archived
Wiki page. It's not that important as the project has been archived, but
it'd be nice to see what was there, and what and why it didn't survive,
I think.
I may be wrong on this - there was certainly some research (see http://www.computer.org/csdl/trans/tm/preprint/06583914-abs.html, http://www.slideshare.net/xen_com_mgr/real-time-support-for-xen). I added See-Hwan Yoo to this thread who has done the original work. Maybe he can correct me and shed light on what was done.

The issue was that there wasn't any demand for real-time when we started the new Xen ARM port. Also the Citrix folks didn't understand the existing code: we were waiting for somebody who knew the code to take the initiative and do the porting or guide us.

However, it may make sense to have a solution that works on x86 and ARM. Not sure whether this is a pipe dream though.

# Hard-Real-time support: a US government standard / RT kernel / OS was
mentioned. In my notes it says '''Arine7''' ... but this is obviously
wrong as google does not find anything.

Would it be possible for it to be ARINC653
Reading my notes again, it was saying "ARINC 7" (bad hand-writing). I can't remember who raised this point. Maybe the raiser can step up? There certainly seems to be an ARINC 700 standard series.

== Mechanics of Bootstrapping a Community ==
# Lists
## The general consensus was that it would be a bad idea to create a new
list. Discussions should happen on xen-devel
## However some attendees were concerned about the volume of traffic
## Threads related to ANDROID on xen-devel should be tagged with ANDROID

[Aside: I am wondering, whether a more low-volume list for bigger and
longer-term developer discussions may be helpful. We have done this in
the past and all the lists in question (IA64, ARM, ...), but over time
these lists had to be culled when the developed features became
mainstream. There have also been some discussion recently about the
amount of traffic on xen-devel becoming a little painful. I am just
putting this one up for debate, but this would probably grant a separate
discussion. ]

I thought about something similar (having a dedicated list) when
starting the thread about real-time and embedded too. Personally, I like
everything happening in xen-devel, but, if the main purpose is
bootstrapping, and if that, for instance, would buy us people that
wouldn't subscribe to xen-devel anyway (because of the amount of
traffic), well, I'd seriously consider having the list.
I am not sure I would want a dedicated new list which lasts for a year only. This is what we used to have: there is a long history of one-off lists such as ova-devel, xci-devel, xen-ia64-devel, ... to name just a few. But maybe a list for researchy, longer term stuff may work that we can direct people to that are scared by the amount of xen-devel traffic. We can use the list whenever bigger and new ideas come along that still need to be formed and take some time to form. We still have xen-research (archived), that we could resurrect, but maybe the name isn't quite right.


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