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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH+RFC+HACK 00/16] xen: arm initial support for xgene arm64 platform

On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, George Dunlap wrote:
> >         HACK: xen: arm: GICC_DIR register at offset 0x10000 instead of 
> > 0x1000
> >
> >                 Should be properly implemented with a view to being
> >                 accepted for 4.4. Again things are rather pointless
> >                 without.
> >
> >                 Could plausibly be reimplemented as a platform quirk,
> >                 which might be safer for 4.4.
> >
> >         HACK: xen: arm: map PCI controller ranges region MMIOs to dom0.
> >
> >                 I think this one is likely to be a step too far for 4.4.
> >                 Even if it worked (it doesn't) it is quite a big and
> >                 potentially complex change. I'm considering the option
> >                 of implementing the hardcoded list (which is here as a
> >                 HACK, see the commit message for more) via the
> >                 platform->specific_mapping callback for 4.4. In that
> >                 case it would only impact Xgene if it were broken.
> This is starting to look like an awful lot of "to be sorted out".
> (Although it looks like Julien has a simple solution that makes this
> last patch unnecessary?)
> You address risks, but you don't address the fundamental benefit of
> including it now, rather than waiting to check it in for 4.5.  At the
> moment, unless there is some compelling strategic reason for including
> this in 4.4, I'm inclined to say it should just wait.

Would you be OK with accepting an alternative implementation of these
two patches via platform specific hooks, as Ian suggested?

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