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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 00/13] xen: arm initial support for xgene arm64 platform

George has release acked all of these. Otherwise mostly minor updates
this time around.

Summary: A == acked, M == modified

A   xen: arm64: Add 8250 earlyprintk support
A   xen: arm64: Add Basic Platform support for APM X-Gene Storm.
A   xen: arm64: Add APM implementor id to processor implementers.
 M  xen: arm: add a quirk to handle platforms with unusual GIC layout
A   xen: arm: allow platform code to select dom0 event channel irq
A   xen: arm64: Map xgene PCI memory regions and interrupts to dom0.
A   xen: arm: include ns16550 driver on arm64 too
 M  xen: arm: Handle cpus nodes with #address-cells > 1
A   xen: arm: Make register bit definitions unsigned.
A   xen: arm: explicitly map 64 bit release address
    xen: arm: enable synchronous console while starting secondary CPUs
A   xen: arm: improve early memory map readability
    xen: arm: handle 40-bit addresses in the p2m

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