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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/5] tools/xc_restore: Initialise console and store mfns [and 2 more messages]

Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH 1/5] tools/xc_restore: Initialise console and 
store mfns"):
> If the console or store mfn chunks are not present in the migration stream,
> stack junk gets reported for the mfns.
> XenServer had a very hard to track down VM corruption issue caused by exactly
> this issue.  Xenconsoled would connect to a junk mfn and incremented the ring
> pointer if the junk happend to look like a valid gfn.

Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH 2/5] tools/xenctx: Prevent leaking a file handle 
on error paths"):
> Coverity ID: 1126110

Andrew Cooper writes ("[PATCH 3/5] tools/libxc: Improve xc_dom_malloc_filemap() 
error handling"):
> In the original function, mmap() could be called with a length of -1 if the
> second lseek failed and the caller had not provided max_size.
> While fixing up this error, improve the logging of other error paths.  I know
> from personal experience that debugging failures function is rather difficult
> given only "xc_dom_malloc_filemap: failed (on file <somefile>)" in the logs.

I have queued these three for backport.


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