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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 00/13] FreeBSD

This is Roger's FreeBSD patches with my fixes as new patches on the

 01/13 more_prepareguest_hvm: honour xopt NoCdromImage
 02/13 ts-freebsd-install: add FreeBSD PVHVM installer
 03/13 ts-freebsd-install: Style fixes
 04/13 ts-freebsd-install: honour <guest>_image runvar
 05/13 make-flight: freebsd jobs
 06/13 ts-freebsd-install: fix mode to be +x
 07/13 ts-*: make all target_cmd[_root] set -e (or +e)
 08/13 ts-freebsd-install: say set -ex at appropriate point
 09/13 ts-freebsd-install: split big setup command into three
 10/13 TestSupport: break out target_put_guest_image
 11/13 ts-freebsd-install: sort out image handling by using
 12/13 sg-run-job: prototype test-freebsd recipe
 13/13 ts-freebsd-install: remove unused $xl setting

I'm posting this for form's sake.  I am about to send this into the
osstest push gate.

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