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[Xen-devel] Nvidia GPU passthrough and Device IDs

This has recently come to my attention:


along with this snippet of information:

- Physical Function PCIid: 10ed:11bf - GK104GL [GRID K2]
- Virtual Function selectable from
PCIid: 10ed:118b - GK104 [GeForce K2 USM]
PCIid: 10ed:118c - GK104 [NVS K2 USM]
PCIid: 10ed: 11b0 - GK104GL [Quadro K2 USM]
PCIid: 10ed:11b1 - GK104GL [Tesla K2 USM]

The way this reads to me is that it means that a different
device ID is exposed to domU than what runs on the host.

Therefore, it must be possible to change the device ID
visible to domU to something other than what is visible
on the host.

So, as per a question that has recently been asked, is
there a way to apply a software shim to expose a different
device ID to the domU when doing PCI passthrough? This
might completely avoid the need to modify the GeForce
cards in ways discussed here recently to make them
work in PCI passthrough mode by simply faking the
device ID exposed.


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