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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen for real-time/embedded/automotive

That's very cool! You know, at some point, probably when you/we would
have a bit more of this in place, I'll probably ask if you want to write
a post on our blog (http://blog.xen.org/) about it! :-D
I'll have to clear it with my manager, but I can't see any problems with it. Have to get it running first though.
 Looking at the Real-Time Xen project, it is built around millisecond
 resolution. That was fine for motion control about 20 years ago, but
 nowadays everyone is working sub-millisecond.
Yeah, well, let's investigate what the limit is and try to push harder
on it then. From my previous experience with real-time on Linux, it's
possiblee to go sub-milliseconds, although not without some tricks.
Personally, I think it's both possible and worthwhile to try to figure
out what are the tricks required for us to get as near as possible to
That is exactly the response I was  hoping for.
HeHe... It's about Linux, but I just can't resist:
<<Controlling a laser with Linux is crazy, but everyone in this room is
crazy in his own way. So if you want to use Linux to control an
industrial welding laser, I have no problem with your using
PREEMPT_RT.>> Torvalds, Linus (2007)
Of course, substitute 'Linux' with 'Xen', and PREEMPT_RT with either
RT-Xen, or whatever we could come up with in the long run! :-P :-P
Sounds perfect to me.

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