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Re: [Xen-devel] How to calculate the crashing time cost in live migration

Hi Cooper,
Thanks for your reply.

Firstly, I explain how to measure migration time. When live migration needed, we should enter the following command
xm migrate --live <domain> <target>, so I just measure the cost time by this command as migration time.

Secondly, I explain the meaning of "crash time" aforementioned. This "crash time", I mean down time. Although using live migration technology, VM can be still in service status during migration, but there's still a small period, the VM will be out of service. So I want to measure the period VM out of service.

Yunbin Wang

2013/12/22 Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
On 22/12/2013 13:23, Yunbin Wang wrote:
Hi all,
I'm try to improve performance of live migration of Xen, and I implemented a new method to migrate, so I want to test whether the new method can bring a better performance.

I test the method from two aspects, the migration time and crash time. The migration time is easy to get, but how can I calculate the crash time?

Yunbin Wang

Can you explain what you mean by the "crash time", and perhaps also explain how you are measuring migration time.


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