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[Xen-devel] initial ballooning amount on HVM+PoD

While looking into JÃrgen's issue with PoD setup causing soft lockups
in Dom0 I realized that what I did in linux-2.6.18-xen.hg's c/s
989:a7781c0a3b9a ("xen/balloon: fix balloon driver accounting for
HVM-with-PoD case") just doesn't work - the BUG_ON() added there
triggers as soon as there's a reasonable amount of excess memory.
And that is despite me knowing that I spent significant amounts of
in testing that change - I must have tested something else than
finally got checked in, or must have screwed up in some other way.
Extremely embarrassing...

In the course of finding a proper solution I soon stumbled across
upstream's c275a57f5e ("xen/balloon: Set balloon's initial state to
number of existing RAM pages"), and hence went ahead and
compared three different calculations for initial bs.current_pages:

(a) upstream's (open coding get_num_physpages(), as I did this on
    an older kernel)
(b) plain old num_physpages (equaling the maximum RAM PFN)
(c) XENMEM_get_pod_target output (with the hypervisor altered
    to not refuse this for a domain doing it on itself)

The fourth (original) method, using totalram_pages, was already
known to result in the driver not ballooning down enough, and
hence setting up the domain for an eventual crash when the PoD
cache runs empty.

Interestingly, (a) too results in the driver not ballooning down
enough - there's a gap of exactly as many pages as are marked
reserved below the 1Mb boundary. Therefore aforementioned
upstream commit is presumably broken.

Short of a reliable (and ideally architecture independent) way of
knowing the necessary adjustment value, the next best solution
(not ballooning down too little, but also not ballooning down much
more than necessary) turns out to be using the minimum of (b)
and (c): When the domain only has memory below 4Gb, (b) is
more precise, whereas in the other cases (c) gets closest.

Question now is: Considering that (a) is broken (and hard to fix)
and (b) is in presumably a large part of practical cases leading to
too much ballooning down, shouldn't we open up
XENMEM_get_pod_target for domains to query on themselves?
Alternatively, can anyone see another way to calculate a
reasonably precise value?


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