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Re: [Xen-devel] Bringing up sequence for non-boot CPU fails

Hello Julien and Ian.

Sorry for the late response.

> Can you try these 2 small tests (separately):
>   - Flush all the cache before boot_pgtable is zeroed (arch/arm/mm.c:486)
>   - Flush all the cache after clean_xen_dcache(boot_second)
> (arch/arm/mm.c:493)
> If the former test is failing and not the latter, then we have found the
> issue :).

First test failed.
Second test passed.
it seems, you have found the issue :).

> I think the 3 clean_xen_dcache should be replaced by a clean and invalidate
> dcache.

I have checked. It works!

Thank you very much.

How it should be properly made for mainline? Shall it be a separate
macro clean_and_invalidate_xen_dcache()
(and function clean_and_invalidate_xen_dcache_va_range()) which will
be called three times
(only for boot pagetables) from setup_pagetables()?


Oleksandr Tyshchenko | Embedded Developer

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