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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/6] xen: Hardware domain support

This adds support to the hypervisor for the creation of a hardware
domain distinct from domain 0, allowing further disaggregation of the
duties of domain 0.  The commit message for patch 1 contains a more
complete description of the distinction between the hardware domain and
control domain(s).  Making the hardware domain distinct from domain 0
allows it to be further de-privileged using an XSM policy: the hardware
domain does not need to be permitted access to create or modify other
domains in order to act as a device backend for them.

A domain builder suitable for use as domain 0 in this disaggregated
setup will be posted in a separate mail.  This domain builder has two
modes of operation determined at compile time: the initial domain
builder will build a pre-selected set of domains taken from its ramdisk,
and relies on one of the booted domains to continue the boot process and
handle other actions such as Xenstore introductions.  The domain builder
service relies on an inter-domain communications mechanism to retrieve
kernels from an image service which currently runs as a process in the
hardware domain.  Because this requires additional patches to the
hypervisor, I am planning to post only the initial domain builder at
this time.  In the future, when V4V support is present in the hypervisor
and the control and domain builder servers have been modified to use
V4V, the complete version will be posted.

An earlier version of the first patch was Acked by Jan Beulich, but the
rebase for 4.5 added additional changes to the patch.

[PATCH 1/6] xen: use domid check in is_hardware_domain
[PATCH 2/6] xen/iommu: Move dom0 setup code out of __init
[PATCH 3/6] xen: prevent 0 from being used as a dynamic domid
[PATCH 4/6] xen: Allow hardare domain != dom0
[PATCH 5/6] tools/libxl: Allow dom0 to be destroyed
[PATCH 6/6] xenstored: add --master-domid to support domain builder

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