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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V6 net-next 0/5] xen-net{back, front}: Multiple transmit and receive queues

On Mon, Mar 03, 2014 at 11:47:44AM +0000, Andrew J. Bennieston wrote:
> This patch series implements multiple transmit and receive queues (i.e.
> multiple shared rings) for the xen virtual network interfaces.
> The series is split up as follows:
>  - Patches 1 and 3 factor out the queue-specific data for netback and
>     netfront respectively, and modify the rest of the code to use these
>     as appropriate.
>  - Patches 2 and 4 introduce new XenStore keys to negotiate and use
>    multiple shared rings and event channels, and code to connect these
>    as appropriate.
>  - Patch 5 documents the XenStore keys required for the new feature
>    in include/xen/interface/io/netif.h

It looks like you got all the Acks from the Xen tree maintainers (David or
Boris or me) - so that is all set.

It should probably go through David Miller's tree - and the mechanics of which
tree it should go escapes me (And I think you need have him on your 'To:')
part of the email.
> All other transmit and receive processing remains unchanged, i.e. there
> is a kthread per queue and a NAPI context per queue.
> The performance of these patches has been analysed in detail, with
> results available at:
> http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/Xen-netback_and_xen-netfront_multi-queue_performance_testing
> To summarise:
>   * Using multiple queues allows a VM to transmit at line rate on a 10
>     Gbit/s NIC, compared with a maximum aggregate throughput of 6 Gbit/s
>     with a single queue.
>   * For intra-host VM--VM traffic, eight queues provide 171% of the
>     throughput of a single queue; almost 12 Gbit/s instead of 6 Gbit/s.
>   * There is a corresponding increase in total CPU usage, i.e. this is a
>     scaling out over available resources, not an efficiency improvement.
>   * Results depend on the availability of sufficient CPUs, as well as the
>     distribution of interrupts and the distribution of TCP streams across
>     the queues.
> Queue selection is currently achieved via an L4 hash on the packet (i.e.
> TCP src/dst port, IP src/dst address) and is not negotiated between the
> frontend and backend, since only one option exists. Future patches to
> support other frontends (particularly Windows) will need to add some
> capability to negotiate not only the hash algorithm selection, but also
> allow the frontend to specify some parameters to this.
> Note that queue selection is a decision by the transmitting system about
> which queue to use for a particular packet. In general, the algorithm
> may differ between the frontend and the backend with no adverse effects.
> Queue-specific XenStore entries for ring references and event channels
> are stored hierarchically, i.e. under .../queue-N/... where N varies
> from 0 to one less than the requested number of queues (inclusive). If
> only one queue is requested, it falls back to the flat structure where
> the ring references and event channels are written at the same level as
> other vif information.
> V6:
> - Use 'max_queues' as the module param. name for both netback and netfront.
> V5:
> - Fix bug in xenvif_free() that could lead to an attempt to transmit an
>   skb after the queue structures had been freed.
> - Improve the XenStore protocol documentation in netif.h.
> - Fix IRQ_NAME_SIZE double-accounting for null terminator.
> - Move rx_gso_checksum_fixup stat into struct xenvif_stats (per-queue).
> - Don't initialise a local variable that is set in both branches (xspath).
> V4:
> - Add MODULE_PARM_DESC() for the multi-queue parameters for netback
>   and netfront modules.
> - Move del_timer_sync() in netfront to after unregister_netdev, which
>   restores the order in which these functions were called before applying
>   these patches.
> V3:
> - Further indentation and style fixups.
> V2:
> - Rebase onto net-next.
> - Change queue->number to queue->id.
> - Add atomic operations around the small number of stats variables that
>   are not queue-specific or per-cpu.
> - Fixup formatting and style issues.
> - XenStore protocol changes documented in netif.h.
> - Default max. number of queues to num_online_cpus().
> - Check requested number of queues does not exceed maximum.
> --
> Andrew J. Bennieston
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