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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH net-next v6 4/10] xen-netback: Introduce TX grant mapping

On 05/03/14 12:28, Wei Liu wrote:
On Tue, Mar 04, 2014 at 10:32:15PM +0000, Zoltan Kiss wrote:

- introduce xenvif_tx_pending_slots_available() as that code is used often

It was introduced in other patch, not this one.
Yep, first I introduced here, but then I haven't updated the patch history accordingly :)

@@ -136,13 +141,31 @@ struct xenvif {
        pending_ring_idx_t pending_cons;
        u16 pending_ring[MAX_PENDING_REQS];
        struct pending_tx_info pending_tx_info[MAX_PENDING_REQS];
+       grant_handle_t grant_tx_handle[MAX_PENDING_REQS];

        /* Coalescing tx requests before copying makes number of grant
         * copy ops greater or equal to number of slots required. In
         * worst case a tx request consumes 2 gnttab_copy.
        struct gnttab_copy tx_copy_ops[2*MAX_PENDING_REQS];

Forget to remove this?
No, it is removed in the next patch.

@@ -431,6 +455,18 @@ int xenvif_connect(struct xenvif *vif, unsigned long 

        vif->task = task;

+       task = kthread_create(xenvif_dealloc_kthread,
+                                          (void *)vif,
+                                          "%s-dealloc",
+                                          vif->dev->name);


+static inline void xenvif_grant_handle_set(struct xenvif *vif,
+                                          u16 pending_idx,
+                                          grant_handle_t handle)
+       if (unlikely(vif->grant_tx_handle[pending_idx] !=
+                    NETBACK_INVALID_HANDLE)) {
+               netdev_err(vif->dev,
+                          "Trying to unmap invalid handle! "
+                          "pending_idx: %x\n", pending_idx);

This message is not very clear. I think it suits _reset but not here.
In this function the bug should be the attempt to over-write existing
handle, right?
Yes, I fixed that to "Trying to overwrite active handle!"

  static int xenvif_tx_check_gop(struct xenvif *vif,
                               struct sk_buff *skb,
-                              struct gnttab_copy **gopp)
+                              struct gnttab_map_grant_ref **gopp)
-       struct gnttab_copy *gop = *gopp;
+       struct gnttab_map_grant_ref *gop = *gopp;
        u16 pending_idx = *((u16 *)skb->cb);
        struct skb_shared_info *shinfo = skb_shinfo(skb);
        struct pending_tx_info *tx_info;
@@ -927,6 +907,8 @@ static int xenvif_tx_check_gop(struct xenvif *vif,
        err = gop->status;
        if (unlikely(err))
                xenvif_idx_release(vif, pending_idx, XEN_NETIF_RSP_ERROR);

You don't need to replace this with xenvif_idx_unmap?
No, this slot was not successfully mapped, so you shouldn't unmap it.

@@ -993,6 +973,17 @@ static void xenvif_fill_frags(struct xenvif *vif, struct 
sk_buff *skb)

                pending_idx = frag_get_pending_idx(frag);

+               /* If this is not the first frag, chain it to the previous*/
+               if (unlikely(prev_pending_idx == INVALID_PENDING_IDX))
+                       skb_shinfo(skb)->destructor_arg =
+               else if (likely(pending_idx != prev_pending_idx))
vif->pending_tx_info[prev_pending_idx].callback_struct.ctx =

Could you document how these pending_tx_info'es are chained together? It
looks like it's still the same mechanism in coalescing, but I'm not
quite sure... And since you remove all definitions for coalescing in the
next patch we eventually reach a point that there's no document about
the mechanism at all, which is not good.
It is similar indeed. I'll document it in common.h

+               vif->pending_tx_info[pending_idx].callback_struct.ctx = NULL;
+               prev_pending_idx = pending_idx;
                txp = &vif->pending_tx_info[pending_idx].req;
                page = virt_to_page(idx_to_kaddr(vif, pending_idx));
                __skb_fill_page_desc(skb, i, page, txp->offset, txp->size);
@@ -1000,10 +991,15 @@ static void xenvif_fill_frags(struct xenvif *vif, struct 
sk_buff *skb)
                skb->data_len += txp->size;
                skb->truesize += txp->size;

-               /* Take an extra reference to offset xenvif_idx_release */
+               /* Take an extra reference to offset network stack's put_page */
-               xenvif_idx_release(vif, pending_idx, XEN_NETIF_RSP_OKAY);

So when is this slot released? Your previous changes basically replace
xenvif_idx_release with xenvif_idx_unmap, but not this one, why?
We are using grant mapping now, not copy. The slot is released when the callback is called and the dealloc thread unmapped the pages.

@@ -1406,48 +1497,40 @@ static void xenvif_idx_release(struct xenvif *vif, u16 
                               u8 status)
        struct pending_tx_info *pending_tx_info;
-       pending_ring_idx_t head;
+       pending_ring_idx_t index;
        u16 peek; /* peek into next tx request */
+       unsigned long flags;

-       BUG_ON(vif->mmap_pages[pending_idx] == (void *)(~0UL));
-       /* Already complete? */
-       if (vif->mmap_pages[pending_idx] == NULL)
-               return;
-       pending_tx_info = &vif->pending_tx_info[pending_idx];
-       head = pending_tx_info->head;
-       BUG_ON(!pending_tx_is_head(vif, head));
-       BUG_ON(vif->pending_ring[pending_index(head)] != pending_idx);
-       do {
-               pending_ring_idx_t index;
-               pending_ring_idx_t idx = pending_index(head);
-               u16 info_idx = vif->pending_ring[idx];
-               pending_tx_info = &vif->pending_tx_info[info_idx];
+               pending_tx_info = &vif->pending_tx_info[pending_idx];

Is there indentation with this hunk? I don't see left bracket in this
Hm, for some reason diff screws up this hunk: changes in xenvif_idx_release are overlapped with the new xenvif_idx_unmap function. I moved the latter after make_rx_response so now it is in a separate hunk. Also, I kept the indentation of the make_tx_response(...) line, so it doesn't change here and diff will center the changes around it. I think it makes review easier, however this above mentioned diff madness screwed that up temporarily.


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