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Re: [Xen-devel] libxl error reporting

Olaf Hering writes ("libxl error reporting"):
> For example "virsh migrate" calls libxl_domain_suspend, which has many
> ways to fail. What details about the specific error should be returned
> to the caller? Right now its just some sort of libxl_error. All virsh
> could do is to show "please see logfile for details".

Unfortunately, yes.

> I think this specifc function should return some sort of state, which is
> preserved within the function call. It could be something like "remote
> side had issues", "guest was too busy", "guest lacks PV drivers", "some
> unexpected (internal) error".
> Unfortunately libxl.h contains nothing about error handling.

I have been considering a campaign of adding (many) more error codes.


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