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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/11] tools changes

Olaf Hering writes ("[PATCH 00/11] tools changes"):
> Resend of changes from the 4.4 freeze time.

Thanks.  I think this would benefit from being split up into an
ia64-removal series, and a miscellaneous fixes series.

When you resend, please add my ack to these patches:

>   docs: remove ia64 from kexec_and_kdump.txt
>   unmodified_drivers: remove ia64 parts of the code
>   docs: remove ia64 from tmem-internals.html
>   stubdom: remove ia64 from stubdom
>   libxc: remove ia64 from xg_private.h
>   xend: remove ia64 from xend sources

I haven't just applied them to give others a chance to comment.

I have commented on this one already:

>   pygrub: remote ia64 from pygrub

The others I'm going to deal with individually, although having them
in a series of misc patches is helpful.  If you get acks on some but
not all of them, moving the acked patches to the start of the series
would allow them to be applied while the others are still being


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