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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 09/11] tools/xc: pass errno to callers of xc_domain_save

Olaf Hering writes ("[PATCH 09/11] tools/xc: pass errno to callers of 
> Callers of xc_domain_save use errno to print diagnostics if the call
> fails. But xc_domain_save does not preserve the actual errno in case of
> a failure.
> This change preserves errno in all cases where code jumps to the label
> "out". In addition a new label "exit" is added to catch also code which
> used to do just "return 1".

I can't help wondering if this patch would be a lot smaller if it were
done by having ERROR and PERROR, and the cleanup part of
xc_domain_save, preserve errno.

> Note: some of the functions used in xc_domain_save do not use errno to
> indicate a reason. In these cases the errno remains undefined as it used
> to be without this change.

Do you intend to fix this too ?


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