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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG] PCI passtrough causes driver crash in DomU (Xen 4.3, Linux kernel 3.12)

Am 07.03.2014 12:54, schrieb Jonas Meurer:
> as already written to xen-users a few days ago, I've troubles using pci
> passthrough for an Intel 82574L ethernet device (kernel module e1000e).
> The device is passed through by xen-pciback, and can be seen by 'lspci'
> inside the DomU. Still, the corresponding network interface doesn't
> appear in /proc/net/dev and even more striking, the DomU kernel driver
> crashes with a traceback.
> All this happens on a Debian/Jessie Dom0 with Xen 4.3 and Linux kernel
> 3.12. The DomU in question has a similar Debian/Jessie setup.
> I searched the archives for similar issues and found the following
> thread from October 2013 that describes a similar issue starting with
> Linux kernel 3.8:
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.emulators.xen.user/80672

Just a quick follow-up: After some further searching I found the
following thread:

In this thread, Ian Campbell suggests to disable MSI for the guest, and
the submitter replies that it fixed the issue for him. So indeed it
seems to me like MSI in DomU is the cause for trouble here. I'll give
the suggested workaround a try within the next days and report back if
it works for me as well.

Kind regards,

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